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Donvale Putting Wellbeing First


Donvale Putting Wellbeing First

Jun 07, 2018

Donvale Rehabilitation Hospital has relaunched its ‘Staff Wellness Program’.

The relaunch was celebrated on Friday the 27th of April, with a number of initiatives to raise awareness around the wellness opportunities Donvale offers staff in this important area. Relaxation massages, free dress, education and flyers on wellness at Donvale were made available to staff, with a healthy lunch also provided.

As a healthcare provider, Donvale recognises the importance of looking after its own staff, and providing “care for the caregivers".

The relaunch comes following the formation of a reinvigorated 'Champions of Wellness’ team. This group features a range of employees, from allied health providers to administrative staff. In doing so, this ensures wide ranging input is raised from multiple areas of the hospital, helping build the wellness culture.

While existing wellness initiatives are in place, the relaunch is in line with Donvale’s increasing efforts to go above and beyond for staff wellbeing.  By keeping its healthcare workers fresh, Donvale Director of Clinical Services, Caroline Andrew, believes this can further enhance the health service and patient experience.

Caroline explained “By actively working towards being a healthy and well workforce at Donvale we are setting the example for our patients – 'we want to walk the talk’ for them to follow".

Current wellness initiatives will continue. These include a monthly shared lunch (with free dress to raise money for charity), free gym access, a 'community chest’ fund to support staff in challenging times, staff recognition programs, and nutritional health focuses (e.g. providing fresh fruit for staff morning tea). Further support will continue, with psychology education to help staff through the challenging aspects of providing healthcare. 

Looking forward, Donvale is excited at the prospect of new and creative ideas from the relaunched team. Donvale prioritises caring for people, patients and staff alike.