Donvale Rehabilitation Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care

Your Inpatient Stay


Following our redevelopment in 2014, the majority of beds are now in private rooms. We also have some twin shared rooms.


Donvale prides itself on providing meals which are attractive, appetising and nutritious. Alcohol is available with meals (unless you have dietary restrictions). All meals are cooked on the premises and delivered to your room. We cater for specific dietary requirements.


You will have your own telephone with a direct line for your convenience. Local calls are free. All other calls will be charged to your account.


Your room has a television with free-to-air and Foxtel channels.


Newspapers and magazines can be ordered on admission and are delivered daily.

Internet Access

A 3-day wireless internet access card can be purchased at the Reception. You need to have your own laptop that is wireless enabled.


A hairdresser attends twice weekly and a podiatrist weekly. Appointments can be made through your nurse or by contacting the Reception.


Mail is delivered each day. Letters arriving after your discharge will be re-addressed to your destination.


The hospital does not accept any responsibility for money or valuables brought into the hospital.

How to recognise Hospital staff

All our staff can be immediately identified by their hospital badge, which clearly states the person’s name and their role in the hospital.


You are requested to make your own arrangements for the washing of your personal clothing. Any difficulties you may have can be discussed with your nurse.

Pastoral Care

We are aware pastoral care may be important to you. Accredited members of the pastoral care team visit patients, and are on call to provide spiritual and emotional support to patients and their families if requested. If you require this service, please speak to your nurse.

Discharge from Donvale

Each week your progress towards your goals and your eventual discharge is planned at a case conference. Your discharge date will be arranged with you in consultation with the team, your medical practitioner and, where you approve or request, your family.

Home Assessment

When the time of discharge nears, an occupational therapist may take you to visit your home or alternative destination. The purpose of this visit is to assess and recommend what aids or adjustments may be helpful so that the transition from hospital to home will be as safe and comfortable as possible. With your approval, family members are invited to be present during the home assessment.

Do I have a say?

Yes, this is your program – you have to make it work for you. You and your family are an integral part of the rehabilitation program and you are encouraged to ask questions, raise issues and discuss your own personal needs with staff. The rehabilitation team is committed to making your time at Donvale a positive experience for you and your family.


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