Donvale Rehabilitation Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care


Established in 1968 the Hospital was commissioned as a Rehabilitation Hospital in 1989 and completed a major redevelopment in 1991. Since that time the hospital has been an innovator in developing a range of quality programs for orthopaedic, cardiac, neurological, ortho spinal, reconditioning, pulmonary and pain conditions.

Donvale has a shared care medical model which affords each patient the expertise of a general practitioner and a rehabilitation consultant, who work with the team of Donvale staff to achieve successful rehabilitation outcomes. The medical staff also conduct quality audits and outcome studies to monitor care, mitigate risks and ensure that our practices remain contemporary.

At Donvale, we firmly believe that our patients are the ultimate judges of our service. Donvale has conducted independent patient satisfaction surveys since 2001, and our most recent survey result (2012) was a patient satisfaction rate of 87%. At Donvale, we continually strive to improve the rehabilitation experience for our patients.

Another reason you can be confident in choosing Donvale Rehabilitation Hospital for your rehabilitation needs is that Donvale Rehabilitation Hospital benchmarks its clinical outcomes through the Australasian Rehabilitation Outcome Centre. Every six months our clinical outcomes are compared with those of our peers and Donvale has consistently achieved good results in these reports.